Insert Innovations: Display Designer Wears on Magnetic Dolls

Danielle Meder is a fashion illustrator and a good friend of mine. Now and then, she releases image sets of her “paper doll” collections and I’ve always enjoyed them. Hey, big girls still like to play with dolls when they’re fashionistas. Recently Danielle was commissioned by to create a set of Magnetic Paper Dolls to help launch the new look of The series of five dolls came with a generic set of designer clothes and were used in their new media kit for re-branding for their advertisers.How awesome would it be to create a set of Paper dolls for a new fashion collection from H&M, or Sears, or Reitmans? We could even create a men’s line of Harry-Rosen-wearing dolls! Readers could share their information to have magnetic sets made, etc. Zoom in closer and we could create paper doll faces with Revlon’s or Maybelline’s latest colour palettes.

– Verna

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